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The name planygy is inspired by the scientific, philosophical and artistic (and spelling test) term syzygy. It well describes the combination of analysis, technology and creativity our firm applies to land use planning, plan implementation and policy research issues.

syz·y·gy [síz' schwa (pronounced like the u in "sun" or the a in "above") jee] (plural syz·y·gies) n
1. ASTRONOMY conjunction of three celestial bodies: the straight-line conjunction or opposition of three celestial bodies, for example, the Sun, Earth, and Moon
2. two connected things: a pair of related things that are either similar or opposite (formal)
3. POETRY two metrical feet: a metrical unit of two feet in classical Greek and Latin verse
[Early 17th century. Via late Latin from Greek suzugia , from suzugos “paired,” from zugon “yoke.”]

plan·y·gy [plan' schwa (pronounced like the u in "sun" or the a in "above") jee] ™ [Early 21st century, est. 2002]
1. applying scientific and social research, technology and more than 25 years of experience in preparing and aligning elements of plans and programs to improve their influence and effectiveness
2. working together to improve the efficiency, equity and effectiveness of your planning projects

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Updated February 13, 2006